Doves During Quarantine

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Doves During Quarantine

With dove releases practically coming to a halt, what are the Visions of White doves doing during the Covid-19 quarantine? Read on to see what they have been up to!

Tribute Video of Memorial Dove Release

A few weeks before the lockdowns, we released doves at a memorial, and then also produced a tribute video of that release for the family. We have been working on making these videos for select dove releases and it’s something we want to continue improving in. Tribute videos are helpful in illustrating a loved one’s life and honoring their memory.

At this particular dove release, we interviewed two of the family members, who shared special things about their grandmother. We hope to write a more in-depth post about the subject of tribute videos in the future, but for now, here is the result for you to see for yourself:

How good it is to live a life that is spent helping and investing in others! Our lives are but the splash made by a pebble thrown into the water. But our deeds are the ripples, extending far beyond the scope of that splash.

Baby Doves

Since the weather has been (slowly) warming up, we have quite a few nests in our dove loft. It’s always fun observing the growth process, and so fascinating how quickly the baby birds grow on the “bird’s milk” that their parents feed them. This time around, we posted daily pictures documenting one baby bird’s growth in VOW’s Instagram stories.

Here is the result:


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If you’d enjoy seeing the whole 30-day progress, check out our Instagram page HERE!

Meet Our New Dove Friends

Since we moved back in February, we’ve enjoyed having the dove loft just outside our back door. One of the perks of having our doves so close is how tame they get. The birds have taken a special liking to Sarah, and have been growing quite friendly. They’ll even notice when she’s at the kitchen window washing dishes, and start flapping around in the aviary in hopes that she will come out with peanuts.

A few months ago, if the doves were hungry enough, we could maaaaaybe coax a brave bird to eat out of our hands. Since we’ve been able to spend more time with them and they’re much more comfortable with hands, they’ve been eating out of hand even when not necessarily hungry. At that point, it’s only a matter of time until Sarah has bribed them to perch on one hand while feeding out of the other. It’s most wonderful, however, when they will fly directly into your hand from a distance like can be seen here:

Bonus tip: iPhone’s new portrait mode works excellently for taking pictures with one central subject. Take a look at this shot of a dove perched on a hand looking for peanuts.


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All in all, April has been an interesting month. Very windy for sure with periods when the gusts were especially intense and we didn’t open the loft up much. And the rains… whew! Surprisingly enough, the doves enjoy flying in rain and, even in a downpour, will happily pick for goodies in the neighbor’s field. We just need to find a good way to show you guys how that happens – without getting our camera wet in the process.

Till then!

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  1. Megan Alder
    September 3, 2020

    One of my uncles had just recently passed away, and we want to make sure we honor his dove release request. It’s interesting to know how memorial dove releases are becoming more popular, and they have a training process to come back to the owner, I always thought that the doves actually fly away, and not come back. I will start looking for a dove release company we can hire to honor his parting.


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