2014 Shady Maple Bridal Showcase

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2014 Shady Maple Bridal Showcase

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to attend our very first bridal showcase! It was a  joint effort by local landmark attractions of Lancaster County. The 2014 Shady Maple Bridal Showcase was a great success! Shady Maple, the famous smorgasbord, found the perfect partner in the Flower & Home Marketplace. It was stunning to see local standouts in their respective industries find such harmony together. We’re excited and want to see more of it!

For some reason, even though we are subscribed to Shady Maple’s Facebook feed, we missed the post about the event. By the time we did find out, it was too late to become a vendor. So instead, we went just to see what was happening and had a delightful time networking with the vendors present there. It was a memorable day, so we’re going to give you a glimpse into who and what was there for the first Shady Maple Bridal Showcase.

The Lancaster Wedding Scene

Lancaster County is a unique place in the USA. Combining a modern flair with old world roots, the county draws approximately 8 million visitors annually.  From the beautiful scenery of rolling hills of farmland to the multitude of tourist attractions, Lancaster County is where Plain and Fancy meet like nowhere else on earth! And it’s no wonder tourists find the area so attractive. It’s original, with the Amish and Mennonite community giving nostalgic hints of a bygone world. Naturally, when wedding time comes around, many of these visitors have fond memories that they want to relive. Some will be looking to have their wedding right in the heartland of Amish country. Imagine a more perfect culmination of love and memory. It all sounds like some wild daydream, but wait, there’s Discover Lancaster Weddings.

Discover Lancaster Weddings

Yes, please do consider having your wedding in Lancaster County. The idyllic surroundings are just perfect. Take a minute to explore Discover Lancaster Weddings, the wedding guide of the PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau. Don’t underestimate the potential; you might be surprised by some of your options.


The Venue

Our suggestion for your wedding reception? Try the Shady Maple Banquet Center.

The  Shady Maple Smorgasbord & Farm Market started as a roadside stand sometime in the 1960’s by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Z. Martin. The stand was located under large maple trees, so you can guess how the name originated. The rest is history. Today, Shady Maple has thousands of people come by each day from all over the world. Some refer to it as the capitol building of Lancaster County. It has a landmark, impressive look.

Needless to say, the Shady Maple Banquet Center is a great reception venue to consider. From the rustic decor to the exquisite catering coupled with the 1000 seat capacity, this is a premium reception venue of Lancaster County. Check out the photos below to see some of Shady Maple catering flair! It takes little to see what attracts so many people.  We love the Banquet Center because it adds novelty and individuality to the Shady Maple experience. Expect intricate details, both in the decor and in the quality of the food.


The Flowers

You still need flowers, though, so that’s why you should check out Shady Maple’s next door neighbor. The largest floral and home retailer of Lancaster Co, The Flower & Home Marketplace is the go-to shop for your floral needs. Boasting 90,000 sq. feet of shopping, the Flower & Home Marketplace is sure to have your dream selection of floral arrangements.

We were excited to see them together with Shady Maple at the bridal showcase, and we can’t stress enough how perfect the combination is. Elegant, artful bouquets will make the perfect addition to your reception.


The Officiants

Most weddings will have an officiant presiding over the marriage. We got to know a little about Christian Light Ministries. They’ve presided over 2,500 weddings, so they have the experience to fit your need with sensitivity and professionalism. They’re non-denominational, so they’re prepared to be tailored to a wide variety of styles. Be sure to let their staff hear your ideas.


The Wedding Planner

Here we touch upon a subject that has some rather pointed feelings for us at Visions of White. So many wedding contacts just aren’t available at the moment they need to be there. Make sure you choose someone reliable. We cannot stress enough the importance of having a dedicated wedding planner to see that things go smoothly. At the Shady Maple Bridal Showcase, we got to know Simply Elegant Occasions. Having been in business since 2010, Deb was knowledgeable in her field and could relate to our previously mentioned frustrations.


The Photographer

You’re thinking about hiring your wedding photographer, and you’re also thinking about your wallet. But remember: “If you think hiring a pro is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur.” This saying rings so true when it comes to wedding photography. It’s a crucial aspect to your day that asks for special thought and care. You want a finished product that is worthy, ensuring the perfect capturing of memories. In fact, we highly recommend getting a second photographer which will offer another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would not have had captured.

There’s so much hustle and bustle on your wedding day that you and your mate will easily forget about many of the details of your day. Don’t let that irony rule. Check out Capturing Time Photography for your wedding photography needs and you won’t be disappointed!  Rosie is very knowledgeable and friendly and will have just the right advice for you.


The Music

No wedding is complete without some kind of music. At the Shady Maple Bridal Showcase, we were greeted by Linda of Beautiful Harp Music, a professional harpist from the Reading, PA area.   Don’t let the quality of your wedding slip when it comes to your music. Harp music will add a calm sense of repose and beauty. There’s something romantic about the soft, golden tint of a harp, actually, so be sure to let Linda add her special element to your day.


The Ride

When you are ready to make your departure from the day, why not do it in style riding out on a  horse drawn carriage? Lanzelot Promenades brought their steeds with them to the show! As a safety-conscious business, they have lots of experience with their percheron geldings and standardbreds. Handpicked for their flashy appearance, their horses are prepared to be impeccably styled. And their carriages can be custom decorated. Why not try something novel?



Maybe you want an outdoor wedding?  Many couples today see the outdoors as the perfect opportunity for spoiled plans. No worries about flying “guests” overhead causing some unpleasant surprises. Or what if it starts to rain? Renting a tent cuts down on stress and just adds a special touch.

So the motto of Tents For Rent: “It’s Always Fair Weather In A Tent!”

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