How Many Doves Should I Release?

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How Many Doves Should I Release?

“How many doves should I release for my event?”

At Visions Of White Dove Release, we hear this question a lot. In short, the answer depends on the symbolism that you’d like to attach to your dove release. For some events, the simplicity of one dove is best. For others, a whole flock will be more appropriate. Here is your chance to give your special event that last beautiful touch. 

Birthday Doves

Suppose you want a dove release as part of a special birthday party for a family member. Well, are several ideas: use your imagination and be creative! 

  • Release one dove in honor of that one person.
  • A dove for each year of his/her age.
  • Have several family members or close friends each release a dove.

Wedding & Anniversary Doves

Dove releases at weddings are especially symbolic, with the doves’ association of lifetime partnership and commitment. At such happy events, your possibilities can be especially creative. Besides the usual two doves that are typically released by the bride and groom, consider the following:

  • Release a flock of doves right after the bride and groom release their pair.
  • Let each member of the bridal party release a dove. This makes for some spectacular photogenic opportunity!
  • Have both families release doves to celebrate the new kinship created. The more the merrier!

The most doves we ever released for a wedding was 40 doves! Talk about a spectacular sight! Don’t forget that you can have a dove release for your anniversary as well and relive the big day again. 🙂

Something special to do at a wedding dove release is let a dove go in memory of a loved one. This was one of the first dove releases in Glen Mills, PA that we did back in 2013. The bride and groom released a dove in memory of the bride’s mother who had recently passed away, representing her presence and blessing on their special day. 

Funeral & Memorial Doves

Releasing white doves at a memorial is perhaps one of the most impactful last tributes. At Visions of White, we do far more dove releases for funerals and memorials than we do for any other event. Here are a few considerations when deciding on the number of doves for a memorial for your loved one (besides the most common choice of three doves).

  • One dove for each of the children.
  • Doves for other close family members that have passed away.
  • A dove for each year that person has lived.

While the last idea might be simple in the sad case of a child’s passing, what if the deceased enjoyed a long and happy 90 years? Here again, we have many ways to personalize. Think back through your loved one’s life and consider releasing a dove for every decade of the person’s life or for other milestone events. This is a beautiful tribute to the accomplishments and beauty of one’s time on earth, and works well for Celebration of Life events and other such memorials.  


While the general rule of thumb is “the more doves, the more spectacular the sight and effect”, in the end, the number of doves will be whatever is most meaningful to you and your special event. Our customers come with a variety of ideas and budgets and we’re always glad to chat about how we can customize any part of our services. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about personalizing your special event!

What are some of your ideas on how many doves to release? We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Angela Waterford
    December 10, 2019

    Thanks for the idea that I can give my father an impactful tribute for his funeral by having doves released on his memorial service. I think I’ll try to look for someone who can let us borrow their doves for a price so we can do this for his cremation. He’s always been a great fan of doves, so having something like that as the symbolism of his passing on to the next plane might be something that everyone will remember.

    • Visions of White
      December 10, 2019

      Great! Where are you located, Angela?


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