Can Doves Be Released In Winter?

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Can Doves Be Released In Winter?

Doves In The Winter

Have you ever been to a city when it’s a winter wonderland outside? Once the heavy snowfall has stopped, the flocks of pigeons (which are cousins to our doves) will be going about their day as if nothing unusual is happening. They’ll find a spot where the snow has been removed and continue their usual routines. Keep reading to see why it’s perfectly fine to release doves in the winter.

Our doves, like those city pigeons and other birds, have many tactics for keeping cozy in the cold. Just like humans buying puffy parkas in December, our doves will grow extra feathers for the winter. This keeps their body temperatures averaging about 106 degrees. Since our dove loft is not insulated, the doves keep their natural adjustment to the elements and are quite well-equipped. And there’s always the enjoyable exercise of flying, which always keeps the blood pumping and warm.

What The Experts Say

Birds also have a special system in their feet so that the blood cools before it gets to the feet. The fine veins and arteries intertwine in a net-like pattern, cooling the warm blood from the heart before it reaches the feet. This keeps the feet from freezing while losing no precious heat. To further conserve heat, there is very little fluid in bird feet cells and little pain receptors. All that to say, birds have cold little feet, and they really don’t seem to mind in the least!

If you would like to read more on this fascinating subject, the Smithsonian Insider website has an informative article that explains some of the science of how birds keep warm when it’s cold outside. “So….wear a good coat, preferably of down; always make sure to keep your extremities warm, and stay social in the darker winter months―all advice we’ve probably heard at one time or another, but now we know the source.”

Our Experience

In our personal experience as a dove release business, there is no difference whether we release our doves in the wintertime or any other time of the year. They still enjoy the thrill of flying regardless of the weather. Here are a few posts from our Instagram of our birds enjoying themselves when it’s snowing outside:

Snow = Fun!

As you can see, our doves are absolutely delighted for a chance to fly outside even when there’s snow blowing around. The same thing happens when we release doves at various weddings, funerals, and other special events for which we provide our services. The doves take to the skies for an enjoyable frolic while the red-nosed humans below scurry for the nearest heat source.

One of the ways that we get our doves to stay in the air and head for home is to make sure that they know that they have a tasty treat waiting for them when they get home. Now that’s an incentive to get back home if there ever was one!

So no, the average freeze doesn’t faze these noble birds, and there’s no problem in releasing doves in the wintertime. So, can doves be released in the wintertime? Of course!

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